Best Facial Serums

In the past I never used serums. I was always on a budget so I thought using face creams was enough. And perhaps it was. Because my skin was young, I didn't see an importance of using $60-120 bottle of a serum. But now that I am over 35 years old, I do see the difference when I use serums. And I have tried a lot of serums by now.

I have always struggled with maintaining a nice skin tone, and a great Vitamin C serum definitely helps with the problem. And rather than running every week to see my beautician in order not to have blotchy, spotty looking skin or uneven skin tone, it is definitely better. I tried different ones, like Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum, which was very pleasant to use. But it is $80 for 30 ml. It doesn't last that long and it was too pricey for me.

Eventually I discovered Obagi Professional-C serum.


You can buy it 15% or the stronger 20%. In my opinion Obagi works better than fashionable Drunk Elephant. My skin is quite dry so I make sure to moisturize well after using it. I always give it a bit of time to work before I layer other serums and other creams on top of it.

Don't forget to use the sunscreen when you use your vitamin C serum!


I love this  Clarins serum because my dry and slightly aging skin just drinks it in. I feel it gives me a pretty glow! However, I rarely buy it because of the retail price. I usually wait till Clarins sends me 15%-30% promotional offer so I buy couple of these serum to stock up. Claris claims it's their bestseller but the way it works and based on it's reviews on multiple sites, I believe it.

I will not recommend anything that I don't believe in. Nowadays pretty much all blogs are used to monetize and they are pretty much indirect marketing. I have bought zillion of products for face and hair, advertised on blogs as the most amazing, only to discover that there is nothing special there.

For example, these two below have excellent reviews and are recommended by many bloggers.  If you are not on a budget, buy them. But they are more expensive than Obagi and the result is not better at all. In fact for my skin Obagi C serum worked better. Drunk Elephant is very pleasant to use though and has cute packaging. Try it if higher price is not an issue for you. So you know, SkinCeuticals is medical grade skincare (so is Obagi) and Drunk Elephant is 15% C serum. They don't have 20% one.